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Posted: August 6, 2012 in Everything and Anything.

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Random Update!

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Everything and Anything.

Well well well. It seems like wordpress has changed its skin. Like the saying goes, a Leopard will never change its spots. Well, no one said WordPress won’t anyway. HAHA.

It’s been so long since I’m back. I changed some stuffs to it. Well, actually just the theme of my wordpress and the links of a few friends.

But on another hand, I wonder who actually still comes here to read random posts of my past? Ohwell. Shall head back to my tumblr for my thoughts. =D



Posted: May 15, 2010 in Everything and Anything.

Ahh, I’m posting. I realise I haven’t been using here for quite long. Well, although it’s just a week.

Anyway, the reason why I didn’t post because my posts are at a new domain I’m blogging at. Ask me for it if you wanna know. =)


PROs and CONs.

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Everything and Anything.



1) There’s a lot of blog skins to choose from.

2) Customize your own tagboard, playlist and fonts.

3) Upload your own videos up on blogger.

4) You can change URL anytime. Provided you don’t irritate others who has to relink you.


1) Editing the code is very irritating.

2) Adding link, editing information is never easy.

3) blogspot can be lag sometimes. Don’t you agree?

4) Some skins are suitable for certain resolution sizes only.



1) There’s a Stats page where we can check who visited our blog by clicking which URL. I find this fantastic and I can keep track.

2) Everything’s organised! At a click, you can add links easily. It’s all found at the side.

3) Simple, plain themes. Who wants to crack their brains to think of what theme they want for their blog?

4) You can keep posts private.


1) You can never change URL.

2) It’s too plain if you use for too long.

3) No tagboard.

4) Unable to customize your own playlist.


1) Nice fresh themes to choose from.

2) It’s new.

3) Posting pictures, posting videos and texts. All are sorted out in different categories.

4) It gives the objective feel. It’s so plain that when you’re there, your attention is given fully to the posts. (What kinda PRO is this?!)


1) You can’t link people.

2) Unable to set up tweets in some themes. =(

3) No stats =(

4) It’s quite irritating sometimes when you don’t really know how to use.

All in all: up to you. I did this out of boredom. Inspired by discussions in Irina’s recent facebook post. Ohmygeez.


Posted: May 9, 2010 in Everything and Anything.

I’m out of titles to put. Well, who cares. My titles never link with my posts. I don’t know why. Anyway, had fun today! Woke up at 12.30pm to find myself having work to be done in the computer other than project. Settled with Yong Kang everything and headed down to play basketball! Yong En, Xueyong, Jiajun, Elton, Brandon Ho and Bernard was there. Played till rain. Headed to Northpoint help dad buy marker refill. Headed home in my sweaty shirt to eat dinner! So..went out to “deposit” money. On the way, I headed to Northpoint to buy a cake for my mum at Bengawan Solo. Thank God there are still cakes. Four Leaves, Breadtalk had their cakes sold out already. What a waste. Bought delicious Blackforest cake which Theophila says she wants some. Oh well, my family will eat it away somehow. LOL. Too bad. Well. So at home, my dad say ‘Whoa, you really buy cake ah. Mummy saying bengawan solo cake just now” (in mandarin). Nice. Mum ate the cake and she’s happy. *Thumbs up*. Went out to play basketball again with Jiajun and Xueyong and James Lim. Played till 10.45pm, left for home. My eyes are closing already!


`God, for this week, I pray for challenges to come. Because I want to overcome them with You and grow!

Reading posts about faith. I realise that’s what I wrote in my cards somehow or another. At the very end. Well, I had the urge from God that we need faith yesterday already. So I included that. I was reminded of faith over and over again when I was sitting down at Ishi Mura. True enough, God never fails to speak to me. Although Service was quite cui for me, which is really ohmygosh. I still thank God for that meeting Sharlene had with us after service. It was all so true. We do, and we need faith.

We need to grow. We cannot cruise anymore. We need to step out and do something. We really need. I pray that this will be a wake up call for everyone, as it has been one for me. I really am no better, seriously. Ever since school started, this fire is slowing diminishing from my heart. This passion, this dream, this compassion, this faith. God talked to me about ‘Fire’ today. Having a heart burnt for Him. I’ve seen how the world has been. Yet I’m not doing anything. What nonsense is this man. Cyril, WAKE UP!!!!!

God has placed ME in Singapore Poly, in NorthF for SOMETHING. And I must fulfill that something that God has given me. I don’t want to do God’s work without God. But I want to do it with God. Help mee~~!!!!

I shall chiong project tomorrow! Razi, Marcus and Guhan. I know you won’t see this but if you do, Sorry that I didn’t send the file to Razi yesterday because I was too tired! I’m very sorry!

`God answers prayers to our faith.


`What was that name ‘Christopher’ all about? I need to ask myself.